ZenPop Japanese Snack Box - Kawaii Snacks*

Zenpop Japanese Snack Box - Kawaii Snacks*

New month, new ZenPop Snack box! Oh, wait, what's this? A brand new design and a new booklet? That's amazing! 

I absolutely adore the new look, it's fun, it's colourful, and it makes me think of Summer! However, my favourite thing about this new look is the booklet. ZenPop News tells you all about the current boxes—whether you're interested in food, stationery, or anime—and its highlights, but the coolest bit (in my opinion) is that they also share one interesting fact about Japan and its culture. Want to know what super cool info you can find in this booklet? Then visit the link at the very end of this post and get your box!

They've been so kind to *sponsor* this blog post, and sent me a free Japanese Snack Box to review. Are you ready? Let's go!

Each Snack Box includes:

  • New and trendy snacks from Japanese supermarkets and convenience stores
  • Popular instant noodles and beverages
  • Candy and gummies unique to Japan
  • Indulgent sweets like chocolates, cookies, or wagashi
  • A variety of salty and savory snacks to delight and surprise you
  • At least a dozen or more new things to try in every box!

The theme for the June 2023 box is Kawaii Snacks: Hold on to your hats, because snacks are about to get irresistibly kawaii! This month, we've curated an enchanting selection of charmingly packaged treats, just perfect for spicing up your picnic game. Bursting at the seams with over 1kg of delectable munchies, this box is chock-full of delightful surprises, and promises to introduce you to a world of fresh, authentic Japanese flavors you've never experienced before!

Let's not wait any longer and get you all in the mood for some Kawaii goodness! 

Zenpop Soda-Arare-Ramen

    • CALPIS SODA Melon Cream Soda from Asahi: This whimsical fusion of melon juice and velvety vanilla ice cream was quite the surprise. I don't think I've ever had a melon drink before, but it was really nice and fizzy! The combination of flavours, though, made me think of banana and pinapple. It's a refreshing drink that gives you a burst of energy!
    • Shiroebi Arare from Maruyone Seika: Although the texture was very light and puffy, this Shiroebi Arare was a bit of a miss for me, as the fish flavour was a little too strong for my taste 
    • Sanrio Characters Noodle Shoyu from Acecook: Acecook never disappoints with its ramen cups, and the fluffy egg soy sauce flavour was really tasty. And what better way to make a ramen super kawaii than to bring out Sanrio characters? Absolutely delightful!

    Zenpop Fuwauma-Pine-Mashmarrow-Kitty-Pudding

      • Fuwauma Umashio Aji from Tohato: This snack was quite interesting! It's very fluffy and soft, and the delicate texture perfectly combines with the umashio flavour, making this the perfect savoury treat to munch on.
      • Pine Ame from Pine: I thought these were like the Pine Gummy from the Osaka Treats box, but I think they were much better! The candy is bigger—for starters—and even though it's small, it's packed with flavour. If you close your eyes, you'll feel like you're having a tropical drink on the beach! 
      • Long Neck Mashmarrow from Yaokin: Another interesting treat! I've always loved marshmallows, but the whimsical Long Neck Marshmallow was so different! It's a softmallow, so you won't find the usual firmness, but it tastes like cotton candy nevertheless! If you get this box, make sure you eat it right away, I kind of had to scrape it off the plastic wrapping because the heat slightly melted it. 
      • Hello Kitty Choco Marshmallow from Eiwa: I was happy to find this sweet snack again! Even though the chocolate filling is minimal, it still makes its way into your tummy in the most delectable of ways.
      • Mini Pudding Chan Choco from Tanseido: Another surprising sweet treat, this mini pudding was not was I expected. I assumed this was going to be a soft candy, instead, it crumbled at the first bite and my taste buds were immediately filled with a strong, rich caramel flavour. Absolutely delightful!

      Zenpop Gurashi-Dolce-Chew-Maru

        • Sumikko Gurashi Cookie from Furuta: This delightful collection features four charming Sumikko Gurashi-themed choco chip cookies (I love how they all have glasses in the version I got!) that will make you addicted in a matter of seconds. Sadly I don't think they come in family packs, one is simply not enough! 
        • PICCOLO DOLCE from Nakajima Taishodo: Jelly snacks aren't normally my cup of tea, but I've really enjoyed this PICCOLO DOLCE from Nakajima Taishodo (made for over 100 years in Yao city, Osaka). This came in five different flavours, and mine tasted quite citrusy, so I'm inclined to say that I got the lemon & lime one.
        • Hi-Chew Mini Puti Pack from Morinaga: These soft, gum-like candies may be small, but they surely pack a punch with their irresistible chewy texture! There are different flavours, and I can say for sure that the ramune one was my favourite!
        • Potato Maru Usushio Aji from Oyatsu Company: I know this is a potato snack—and quite the tasty one, I'd say—but oh my God it genuinely tasted like ramen! It's crispy, it's tasty, it's anything you'd want from a savoury snack, and I wish there was more!

        Zenpop Sumikko-Umaibo-Sanrio

          • Sumikko Gurashi Fruit Jelly from Furuta: I think the irresistibly adorable Furuta Sumikko Gurashi Fruit Jelly is my favourite now! The orange flavour is very delicate, and to make things a bit more fun (well, to be honest, just so any liquid doesn't get spilled) chug them down like a shot of tequila, it'll be worth it! There are six "jelly shots" in the packet, and every single one had a different character/scene. Too cute to resist!  
          • Umaibo Tonkatsu Sauce Aji from Yaokin: My dear Umaibo, I'm glad we're putting our differences aside and reconciling! This Tonkatsu Sauce Aji from Yaokin was quite a delight! Very rich in flavour, this certainly is divine for your taste buds.
          • Sanrio Caramel Corn Strawberry Flavor from Tohato: Tohato, please, if you ever read this, I want to know how you made this absolutely amazing sweet treat! I swear, you can distinctly make out the strawberry, the caramel, and the corn flavours. And not in the "aftertaste" kind of way. If you're familiar with the Willy Wonka 1971 film, the first thought I had after biting into the snack was the same as the Lickable Wallpaper: "The Strawberry tastes like strawberry!". It's strange and amazing at the same time, you can taste the three different flavours as you're biting into the snack. And the stickers are a super kawaii bonus!! Which one did you get?

          Zenpop Korokoro-Caplico-Elise-Puni

            • Sumikko Gurashi Korokoro Rusk from Oyatsu Company: Have you ever tasted sugary croutons? Well, this Korokoro Rusk is exactly that! However, it's not just sugarcoated croutons, it's so much more than that. As soon as you open the packet, it feels like you're transported in a bakery, the smell and taste of fresh sweet bread is unbelievable. And well, the adorable Sumikko Gurashi characters make me enjoy this mouthwatering treat even more!
            • Caplico Mini Sakura Party from Glico: What a sweet, and cute snack! This ice cream-like treat comes in two flavours, Cherry Blossom and Strawberry. I got the first one, and it was quite lovely. The cone was very tasty as well!
            • Elise from Bourbon: I like Elise wafers, the strawberry one in the Sakura Treats box was lovely, so I was happy to find two different flavours this time! The white cream was my favourite, it was very soft and delicate. The Choco cream was good as well. This is the perfect treat if you're really craving something sweet and fast. 
            • Puni Fuwa Shiawase Nikukyu Gummy Grape from Senjakuame: The "Nikukyu" paws shape of this snack was really cute, but this was a big miss for me. Not really a fan of grape flavour.


            I'm absolutely ecstatic about this box, not only the new look is super fun, there were so many appetising snacks as well! Also, I couldn't help but gush over all these simply endearing kawaii characters! 

            You have until tomorrow to get your dose of Kawaii Snacks, so make sure you don't miss out by clicking the link below!
            Get $5 off your first box by using the code MOCHI5 at checkout!
            Do you have a favourite Sumikko Gurashi character? Let me know in the comments! 



            1. You know how much I love all things kawaii, so you can imagine my joy at seeing this box full of super cute and yummy things to enjoy! And since I'm a fan of Sanrio characters, I know I would have particularly loved that noodle cup and the strawberry-flavoured caramel corn 😋 Although, I must admit that all the snacks in this box look quite tasty! Also, how cool are the “jelly shots”? They make me want to have a かわいい party *hehe*

              Thanks for sharing all these tasty things with us, Fran, you never fail to make me want a snack! 😜🫰🏻

              1. I know you are! Yes, as soon as I tasted the strawberry-flavoured caramel corn, I immediately thought of you 😁

                Yes, let's have a かわいい party!!! 🥳

            2. Yes! I like しろくま🐻‍❄️ so much✨Thanks for sharing a lot of cute and fun snacks 💖
              Especially that fruit jelly😋

              1. Thank you, Abbie!! I see the fruit jelly is quite popular... Honestly, it was really really good!