ZenPop Japanese Snack Box - Sakura Treats*

Zenpop Japanese Snack Box - Sakura Treats*

Ahhh, it's finally Spring... You know what it means, right? That ZenPop is at it with a brand new Japanese snack box, and this time is all about the cherry blossoms!

They've been so kind to *sponsor* this blog post, and sent me a free Japanese Snack Box to review. Let's not wait any further and unbox all the ZenPop goodness!

Each Snack Box includes:

  • New and trendy snacks from Japanese supermarkets and convenience stores
  • Popular instant noodles and beverages
  • Candy and gummies unique to Japan
  • Indulgent sweets like chocolates, cookies, or wagashi
  • A variety of salty and savory snacks to delight and surprise you
  • At least a dozen or more new things to try in every box!

The theme for the April 2023 box is Sakura Treats and, as explained in their booklet (which can be downloaded from a QR code), Treat yourself or a loved one to the delightful flavors of spring with our Sakura Treats Japanese Snack Box. This unique box is filled with authentic Japanese snacks inspired by the beauty of cherry blossoms, perfect for anyone looking to try something new and exciting. Order now and explore the unique and delicious flavors of Japan!

Before I show you what was in my Sakura Treats box, let me tell you a little bit about the super cool Sakura Gift Campaign ZenPop is currently running. If you purchase one of their subscriptions, you will receive an amazing gift based on the subscription you picked. 

Zenpop Sakura Gift Campaign

The campaign runs until March 31st 23:59 (JST), and it's valid for new subscribers only. If you have an ongoing subscription that was purchased before March, unfortunately it won't be eligible to receive any of the following gifts (which will be shipped separately from your box).

🌸 Nanoblock Sakura Tree for all 3 months subscribers
🌸 Starbucks Sakura Tumbler for all 6 months subscribers
🌸 10,000 JPY Gift Voucher on ZenMarket for all 12 months subscribers

Time is running out, so make sure you subscribe to one of ZenPop plans before it's too late! And now it's finally time to show you what tempting treats awaited for me. Let's go! 

Zenpop Ramen-Drink-Nagewa

  • Nissin Men syokunin Syoyu from Nisshin: I'm pretty sure it's ZenPop's fault I'm now addicted to Nissin ramen cups. Or probably it's Nissin's fault for making such mouthwatering ramen. I don't know. Either way, this was very tasty. The Nissin Men Craftsman Soy Sauce (日清麺職人 醤油) really packed a punch with the taste of kelp, and the addition of the chicken flavour was the perfect combination! 
  • Gokuri Funwari Peach from Suntory: Suntory is known for making great drinks, and this peachy beverage was absolutely refreshing! And isn't the bottle simply too cute to be thrown away? I'm definitely keeping that! 
  • V Nagewa Jibun ni Katsu curry Aji/ Syori Shio- Aji from Tohato: This snack immediately reminded me of something I used to eat a lot as a child, and it was similar in both taste and shape. I was lucky enough to get the salt flavour, and I have to say that I enjoyed it a lot, as it wasn't too salty. Since it's exam season in Japan, I hope you all get to enjoy V Nagewa (Vなげわ), and celebrate your Victory in the exact same way depicted on the packaging. ✌️
Zenpop Coin-Sawakaya-Caramel

  • Ace Coin Matcha Aji from Cisco: To this day, I still can't tell you whether I actually like matcha or not, because all of the different treats with this flavour gave me different experiences. However, these coin-shaped matcha-flavored treats from Nissin are really enjoyable and are perfect with a cup of tea. Nissin truly knows my weak points, and the woodblock printing type painting on the cover is definitely one of them! Plus, did you know that back in the day people had their coins looped in a string tied to their clothing? That's why they had holes in them. Leave it to ZenPop to fill you with Japanese fun facts—along with delicious snacks!
  • Sawayaka Hakuto Pie from Sanritsu seika: This peachy treat—filled with sweet and sour white peach jam—was certainly appreciated, as well as its bite-sized portion. The jam had an interesting flavour, and I wouldn't mind trying this snack again!
  • Caramel Corn from Tohato: Oh my, this Caramel Corn (キャラメルコーン) from Tohato (東ハト) was really something! You know by now that I enjoy corn snacks, and the best way I can describe how I felt, is that it tasted like sweet and salty popcorn. Absolutely delicious! If you've never had those, I highly recommend you try them stat!

Zenpop Maam-Cookie-Lemon

  • Country Maam from Fujiya: The first thing I thought of when trying this chocolate-y treat was the popular Italian biscuit brand called Grisbì. The "Country Ma'am" was crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, just like the Italian biscuit, and it was quite an enjoyable experience.
  • Noir Soft Cookie from YBC: This one was a little too chocolate-y for me, but I can't disagree with ZenPop when they say they're fluffy... They are! And the cream in the middle was very tasty.
  • Pure Gummy from Kanro: I was really happy to have gotten a snack that wasn't grape-flavoured, but unfortunately Puré Gummy was a massive miss for me. Even though the texture was nice, it was like eating a raw lemon and I didn't like it at all. 

Zenpop Kitkat-Bbq-Elise

  • Kit Kat Mini Momo from Nestle: Oh my word, I don't even know where to begin to describe how good these peach-flavoured Kitkats were!!! They do remind me of peach Pocky a little bit, but the difference is that the flavour of the peach beautifully blends with the flavour of the white chocolate in the Kitkat, making the taste light and blissful. 🍑
  • Sucorn Yamitsuki BBQ from Koikeya: This was sooo good!! I can completely understand why Zenpop said they are not regular BBQ flavor—but in fact Yamitsuki (やみつき)—as they were definitely addictive!
  • Elise Strawberry from Bourbon: I like wafers in general, but this Elise Strawberry (エリーゼ いちご) from Bourbon was just the sweet treat I needed, the strawberry filling was very yummy.

Zenpop Warabi-Jelly-Sumikko-Aka

  • Sakura Warabi Mochi from Tsuruya seika: This was certainly a unique sweet treat, and I'm glad I got to taste it thanks to ZenPop! Even if the taste was a little unusual, I can't deny this Sakura Warabi Mochi was quite the sight! I did not have the heart to eat the Sakura flower, though.
  • Minna Daisuki Stick Jelly from Ribon: This was such a fun and yummy treat! The combination of apple juice and konjac jelly was lovely, and I can't deny the packaging with cute animals made eating this snack quite enjoyable.
  • Sumikko Gurashi Gummy from Coris: I'm generally not a massive gum eater, but I'm always happy when I get to try new gummies with ZenPop! Sumikko Gurashi is one of Japan’s cutest character series, and I certainly can't disagree with that. I was lucky to get the one which includes all the characters on the covers, which one did you get in your box? 
  • Aka Be-gummy from Marukawa seika: I had no idea Japan had a famous candy witch! It was a very yummy gummy, but my tongue wasn't as red as I expected, hehe. Too bad!

Zenpop Tokukoi-Kuma-Ramune

  • Tokukoi Milk 8.2 Chocolate from Mikakuto: I really enjoyed the "duality" of this candy. First, you taste condensed milk, which was already a win to me. Then, the more you enjoy this sweet treat, the more you get to the exquisite core, creamy chocolate! Not only that, but the original message card from King & Prince Takahashi Kaito (キング&プリンス橋海人) was really a lovely touch.
  • Kuma no Pu-san Strawberry Choco Mashmallow from Eiwa: I like marshmallows, so how could I not have enjoyed this cute Kuma no Pu-san (くまのプーさん) with a strawberry filling?
  • Ramune HI-CHEW from Morinaga: Soft candies are always a treat, and this Hi-Chew (ハイチュウ) with Shuwa Ramune flavor was really fun to try, especially because of its texture!


This was such a great snack box! I know I always say that, but what can I do? Every time ZenPop manages to deliver amazing snacks, and their themes are super fun!
Get $5 off your first box by using the code MOCHI5 at checkout!
Are Sakura trees blooming where you are? Let me know in the comments which of these snacks you'd love to try! 



  1. Yay, I was really curious about your impressions of this month's theme! I loved everything, I can't even tell you my favourite . . . Let's see, the beautiful and tasty Nissin Men syokunin Syoyu? Maybe the refreshing Gokuri Funwari Peach that I wished would never end? Or the Caramel Corn that makes you think you're at the movies? Wait, there's also the amazing Sucorn Yamitsuki BBQ! I think I need help or, you know, another box 😋

    Great post and photos, Fran, it's always a joy when you share such delicious and unique moments with us!! ✨🌸🌸✨

    1. Hahaha, I knew you would love everything! Yes, the Gokuri Peach drink was really tasty. Thank you, I'm glad you loved my new style of images!

  2. Another great box! I'm pretty sure that ramen has my name on it, and I'd keep the peach bottle too. Cute! One thing I really like about the products too is the packaging. they just make them fun!

    Thank you for the anime recommendations! I took those down and will try them!

    1. Haha, funny you say that, Greg, I actually washed the bottle and it's now standing on my shelf. And I agree with you, their packaging is always pretty!

      That's great, looking forward to know what your think.