Unboxing Super Junior D&E The 1st Album COUNTDOWN

Unboxing Super Junior D&E The 1st Album COUNTDOWN

I'm back with another K-Pop unboxing, just like I promised! This time it's Super Junior D&E The 1st Album COUNTDOWN, and I'm really excited! 

Super Junior D&E is my favourite sub-unit (K.R.Y. and the others are just as great, this is simply a personal preference), and today's unboxing is extra special because 1. today is my best friend's birthday (who is the amazing soul who gifted me this, alongside with Super Junior's TIMELESS), and 2. it's also Eunhyuk's birthday, so I thought it was very appropriate to talk about this today. 😊


I was gifted the BE version (for obvious reasons, since Eunhyuk is my bias), and this is what's inside:

  • 1 CD
  • 1 Photo Book (128 pages)
  • 1 Photo Card (random out of 4 types)
  • 1 Photo Print (random out of 2 types)

Technically, there should have also been a poster, but I didn't get it, and I think that only those who pre-ordered this album before it came out received it. No big deal, though! As you can see from the image above, lots of Eunhyuk goodies for me, yay! I have no idea what the other three photo cards were, but I'm super happy I got that one. Love from Eunhyuk, definitely can't complain! 💗


The photobook looks like a high class magazine and, besides the album lyrics and the breathtaking pictures, there are also mini interviews Eunhyuk did with different publications—which I thought was a really cool touch. 


Speaking of pictures, saying the shoots Eunhyuk did for this are gorgeous is a complete understatement. Well, besides the fact that Eunhyuk is very handsome, the pictures really evoke Spring vibes—with the fields and everything.  


Like I've mentioned earlier, the photobook also contains lyrics, so I wanted to show you at least one of them. Super thrilled COUNTDOWN has one of my favourite D&E songs! 🥰 


I'm so, SO happy to have Super Junior D&E The 1st Album COUNTDOWN, especially because it's the BE version! Once again, thank you so much to my super awesome best friend! Happy birthday, bestie, let's spend an awesome day together!! And happy birthday, Eunhyuk, I hope you're having a blast with all your loved ones and your SuJu family. 💙 

ELFs, which is your favourite song of COUNTDOWN? Do you have the BE version or the CALIFORNIA LOVE version? Let me know in the comments! 



  1. Your best friend particularly appreciates this post 🥹 I'm sorry I didn't stop by the day the article went live, but in my defence I was caught up in birthday celebrations with you *hehe* I'm so glad you liked this gift so much, but that was to be expected 😜 To be honest, it was easy for me to choose which version to gift you, but I have to say that I personally like them all, and these albums deserve to be displayed on our shelves in all their beautiful versions!! Also, I love the photos you posted and I thank you again for the special birthday wishes and everything you did for me, you are the best! 🫰🏻

    P.S. I couldn't have asked for a better birthday buddy 💙

    1. Don't even mention it, we were busy with your birthday celebrations! I'm so so happy to have this album, you know how much I love SuJu and Eunhyuk, haha, now I have to find a good spot in my room to display it!