Hello 2024

Hello 2024

Happy New Year!

We're just a few days into 2024, did you have a lovely celebration? 2023 has been a difficult year for me, especially these past few months—which explains my absence from this blog in November and December. Unfortunately Covid caught up to me as well and, since it was the first time, I was basically knocked out and had to postpone my planned content until further notice. I'm well now, thankfully, so I'll be taking the whole month of January to work on my blog and schedule all posts I had to put on hold until now. 

I've also started bullet journaling and I'm quite excited—make sure you check out my Instagram to see my monthly themes! I've never been a very arts-and-crafts person, but I've taken an interest in bullet journaling lately, as well as water colouring (I was gifted a watercolour paint set and the book  Watercolor With Me in The Forest by Dana Fox for Christmas), so I'm very eager to get into it!

I normally don't make any New Year resolutions, so all I wish is for everyone to have a happy year and, if you're going through a hard time, let's hope 2024 will be good to us all.

Have you started something new in January? Let me know in the comments!



  1. I know how difficult the last year has been for you, Fran, and you know it has been for me too, so I understand you completely . . . But I'm happy to see that you are back and I must say that you've already made a good start! I love that you've started a bullet journal, I've seen your first creations and I find them adorable πŸ’š Keep up the good work! ✨

    1. I'm glad I always get to spend the end of a year and the beginning of the next with you, Silvia!! Thank you for your encouragement about my bullet journal journey, it's very exciting and scary at the same time πŸ˜…