Festival Dell'Oriente Roma 2022 - Press Conference

Festival Dell'Oriente - Conferenza Stampa
Credit: Festival Dell'Oriente di Roma

I had the opportunity (and pleasure) to attend the online press conference for the 2022 Asian Festival that will take place in Rome this weekend just a few hours ago, and I'm even more excited than I was when I found out about this amazing cultural event. 

Dr Alessandra Lombardi lead the conference, and stated that the festival will be packed with activities, things to see, and food to taste.  

Exhibitions, bazaars, typical gastronomy, traditional ceremonies, folk shows, natural medicines, concerts, dances, and martial arts will take turns in the numerous thematic areas dedicated to the various countries in a continuous and exciting succession of shows, meetings, seminars and exhibitions.

A new addition to this ever popular cultural festival will be the street food area, with numerous ethnic restaurants and dozens of particular gastronomic stands, all waiting to be tasted.
Food and wellbeing are not the only things visitors will be able to experience at the Asian Festival in Rome. There will be many shows such as kimono dressing, Japanese war drums, various tea ceremonies, as well as cooking demonstrations and guided tours. 

Festival Dell'Oriente Roma 2022 - Poster


    When: April 23rd, 24th, 25th
    Where: Fiera di Roma - Via Portuense 1645, 00148 Roma             (RM)

    Hours: 10:00 a.m.–8:30 p.m.

    Price: Adults €13 / Children (5-10 years old) & carers €8 / 

    Children (0-5 years old) & disabled people FREE

    Social: Facebook / Instagram

Credit: Festival Dell'Oriente di Roma

For more details, please visit the Festival website or call 339 4117737.